wiksort Safari 5 extension


wiksort is a Safari 5 extension for use by article editors of the English-language Wikipedia. wiksort sorts unique words in Wikipedia articles to a separate browser tab. Words of six characters or longer—a minimum length which is user-selectable—are listed alphabetically, followed by their usage count.

Install the Safari 5 extension.

wiksort works well with the Safari browser because Safari's built-in spell checker quickly locates potentially misspelled words listed in the browser tab's text box. The alphabetic list of words also helps locate inconsistent spelling within the article. The extension shares most of its code with the original wiksort Greasemonkey script, but has two new options to choose minimum word length and set font size of the word list.


First, enable extensions in Safari 5. There are several tutorials, scripts, and videos on the web which demonstrate the menu selections you need to make in the Safari browser to do this task. Rather than link to a specific site, I recommend searching on common terms like "enable safari 5 extension". It is a simple process.

After extensions support is enabled, click on the Install link above to load the wiksort extension file "wiksort.safariextz". Once installed, the wiksort extension adds a toolbar button to Safari. showing an S for "Sort Wikipedia article words". Clicking this button while a Wikipedia article is loaded in the currently active browser tab will cause wiksort to query Wikipedia for an XML version of the article, extract unique words, sort, and display them.

Words are extracted for the list if they consist of alphabetic characters of a minimum length; the default is six characters. Words containing common extended-latin characters, such as é, are also processed as one word. Users may change the minimum character length required to appear on the word list by changing the extension preferences. This is done through the Safari browser preferences, choosing extensions, and going to the wiksort extension. Minimum word lengths of 4 to 10 characters are supported through the dropdown box. Users may also change the word list font size by changing the Font size slider, from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 points.

There is a delay after clicking the wiksort button while Wikipedia loads the article text to wiksort, and while wiksort processes it. The load delay may increase depending on how quickly Wikipedia is responding to web requests, and can range from a fraction of a second to several seconds. To work properly, wiksort loads a known blank Wikipedia page in the new tab and then overwrites it with the word list. If you click a second page while the first page is still processing, the second page's sort word results may be substituted for the first. Only use wiksort on one page at a time until that page's sorting is complete, although you may use it on multiple open tabs of Wikipedia articles without problem.


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