wiksort is a script that sorts unique words in a Wikipedia article to a separate browser page. All words over six characters are alphabetically listed in a text box of the new page as a single entry, followed by the usage count.

Install the wiksort script. (Alt-click link to download in Firefox)

wiksort works quite well with the Firefox browser because Firefox's built-in spell checker can help one quickly locate misspelled words and inconsistent spelling within the word list. I find the alphabetically sorted word list very useful in rooting out typographical errors, although one should always double-check that a possible misspelling or variation is really incorrect in the article's context.

wikSort was tested with Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux using Firefox 2.x and 3.x with the default MonoBook and Cologne Blue skins. It probably doesn't work with other skins without modification, although more skins may work in future versions depending on feedback. The current wiksort version is 1.1, released mid-March 2009. Version 1.1 fixes a problem with articles that contain the word "splice", which was interpreted as a keyword, leading to premature termination of the word list.


Once installed, the script will add a link titled "Sort words" to either the ''toolbox'' section (default MonoBook skin) or the ''Edit'' section (Cologne Blue skin). Click on the "Sort words" link to generate a page with the sorted word list. After a short delay while the page is processed, the page will either display in a new tab or a separate browser window, depending on the user options.

You must enable popups for the Wikipedia site, because the new generated page is considered a popup. (Since Wikipedia doesn't use advertising popups, this permission should not be too onerous.)


Please post questions, problem reports, and comments as a script comment at userscripts.org or leave a comment on the I Fix Scripts weblog.

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