Mondo StatMe


Mondo StatMe is a stand-alone Firefox extension or Greasemonkey script for the Metafilter website showing user statistics about who posted how many comments at the beginning of topics in MetaFilter, MetaTalk, and AskMeFi. It was written as a proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of users creating custom tools for their own use, but has evolved into a somewhat useful tool.

Install the Mondo StatMe Greasemonkey script. (Alt-click link to download in Firefox)
Download the Mondo StatMe Firefox extension.

The current Mondo StatMe version is 1.2, released mid-February 2007. Version 1.2 fixes a incompatibility with recent MetaFilter link reference changes that was making earlier Mondo StatMe versions not work. Also new is that it sorts users alphabetically (case-insensitive) when they have the same comment count, and the user comment count links to the user's last comment.

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This documentation may be improved in the future. After all, we made to version 1.2. Yes, I remain inconsistent in the capitalization of MetaFilter. If the owner can do it on his site, I can do it on mine.