Mondo Pita
Mondo Pita


Mondo Pita is a Greasemonkey script for websites using the phpBB version 2.x forum software. It allows users to permanently filter out posts on phpBB 2.x boards from their view based upon the author or content in a message post. Deletions are based on text or regular expression patterns, optionally case sensitive and limited to whole words. Mondo Pita has been tested on Firefox 2.x and 3.x versions with multiple operating systems. Mondo Pita is based on the script Mondo Meta with all of its nondelete features made inactive or removed. The current Mondo Pita version is 2.0, released mid-June 2008. Version 2.0 adds support for filtering out embedded quotes in message posts from authors in the filter list.

Read the Usage section for a description of how to use Mondo Pita. See the Support section for further help. Go to the main Extensions and Scripts page for information on more extensions and scripts.

Install the Mondo Pita Greasemonkey script. (Alt-click link to download in Firefox)


Note: Depending on the phpBB version 2.x style, modifications, and version, Mondo Pita may not work with a particular board in all respects or even at all. During testing we encountered boards that did not work with Mondo Pita. If you need to use Mondo Pita on a board that the current script does not support, see the Support section.

To make the Mondo Pita script work with your desired board, you must first add the board's address to the list of boards that Mondo Pita recognizes. This requires an easy modification to the script. At the beginning of the script are several boards prefixed by an:

// @include 
You may remove the existing board list (it was used for testing), or simply add more entries to the list. To add your own entry, figure out what address or addresses are used by the board, for example,
Add the line:
// @include*
Unless you are sure only index.php is used, put the * wildcard at the end since phpBB may use other pages with the base address. In this manner all forum pages are recognized by Mondo Pita.

After navigating to a phpBB 2.x board that Mondo Pita recognizes through the // @include entry in the script, Mondo Pita presents a list box in the lower right corner of the browser display. There are two selections: Delete-Filter and Manage.

Delete-Filter: Displays a dialog box allowing you to choose how to filter out messages on PitaFilter you do not want to see. Select the text or pattern to scan for; choose whether the text to match is located in the posts' author, content, or author and content; whether to remove the post (no indication the message existed) or make it invisible (show a blank gap, usually white or black depending on the board); and how long the filter should be active. Checkboxes allow further control by matching only whole words, and choosing whether to make the pattern match as a regular expression. All Delete-Filter entries are permanent until deleted through the Manage selection, although Manage also allows deactivating all active filters.

In addition to the message body, Mondo Pita will attempt to filter out the navigation and separator bar of the filtered message. This does not always work, depending on how the board is set up, and you may still see those items.

Mondo Pita will remove quotes within messages from filtered authors. If there are multiple nested levels of quotes, every quote at the level of, or below, a filtered author will not be shown.

Manage: The Manage selection allows you to delete a Delete-Filter, entry. The text pattern for each entry is shown to identify it. Use the Previous and Next entries to navigate, and the Delete button to remove an entry. A checkbox deactivates currently active delete-filters; its status is retained from session to session. Refresh after using Manage to update the web page display, changes are not immediately applied.


The Mondo Pita dropdown box in the lower right corner can optionally be set to appear and disappear based on mouse movements. This behavior is activated by setting user preferences with the about:config editor in the browser address bar. Filter for Mondo Pita.dropdownpeekaboo. Change the string type from value false to value true and reload the page.

When this setting is active, the dropdown box will only appear if the mouse is moved from the left or right side of the browser frame to the other side and back again within 3 seconds. The mouse cursor must land within 50 pixels of the side of the browser. The width, second count, and number of times to hit the opposite browser side may be changed within the Mondo Pita code, if you find the default settings to be insufficient for your needs. Be aware that the browser may occasionally miss a side hit, so the mouse may need to be moved back and forth to each side more than should be necessary.

JavaScript programmers may notice that Mondo Pita contains portions of inactive code from unsupported Mondo Meta features. The unused code can be carefully removed, if you wish a smaller-sized script.


Please post questions, problem reports, and comments as a script comment at or leave a comment on the I Fix Scripts weblog.

Mondo Pita is known not to work—in part or at all—with some boards due to their modifications from the stock phpBB 2.x setup or files. If you need Mondo Pita to work with such a board, post a message to that effect. Please understand that consideration of any changes made at your request are solely at my discretion.

Install the Mondo Pita Greasemonkey script. (Alt-click link to download in Firefox)