Mondo Caboodle


Mondo Caboodle is a Greasemonkey script or stand-alone Firefox extension for the Metafilter website. It is a mashup of the Mondo Image version 1.3 and Mondo Meta version 2.01 tools. If you do not know how to use either of these tools, you should read the pages for them before trying Mondo Caboodle. The current Mondo Caboodle version is 2.0, released mid-June 2007.

Install the Mondo Caboodle Greasemonkey script. (Alt-click link to download in Firefox)
Download the Mondo Caboodle Firefox extension.

Mondo Caboodle is currently a fairly crude merging of Mondo Meta and Mondo Image's code. The only differences for end-users is that Mondo Image's configuration is accessed through an Images selection in Mondo Caboodle's control box, and mouse clicks or movements to invoke or remove a dialog are not supported. Because the two tools' code effectively runs in parallel inside the same script, there may be performance issues or there may be unanticipated side-effects. Please post questions, problem reports, and comments as a script comment at or leave a comment on the I Fix Scripts weblog.

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Preliminary documentation.