Last updated on November 14, 2003. All remarks are relative to the final date.

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Is Devore Software & Consulting out of the software business?

No, we are still in the software business. However, development of software for the DOS environment, including the extended 32-bit DOS environment, has evolved into a niche market. It is difficult, if not impossible, to generate significant revenue from commercial software sales of a DOS extender. All of our revenue now comes from work in the Windows environment.

Are you eliminating CauseWay and WarpLink registered user support?

We will still make an extra effort to support our registered users and help them with any problems they may have, but we can no longer guarantee support for the CauseWay and WarpLink software.

Must registered users pay for support?

Not at this time, although this policy may change at any time without notice.

Do registered users receive preferential and priority support over the general public?

Until and unless a new support policy is implemented, registered users still enjoy the technical support privileges (i.e. direct e-mail and telephone contact for timely help) not available to the general public.

Does Devore Software & Consulting have any commercial software for sale or in development?

Check out our grimp product, free for noncommercial use, at We literally use it every day.

Why isn't the CauseWay for Clipper 5.x source and binary code available?

Due to a new packaging approach, the binary code for CauseWay for Clipper 5.x is available to CA-Clipper owners as of November 14, 2003. See for more details. The library source is not available. Note that the CauseWay DOS extender itself and many support utilities are the same for all language versions of CauseWay and they are available in both source and binary versions.

Why isn't the CauseWay for Clarion 2.1 source and binary code available?

Please see the above question asking the same thing about Clipper. A binary release of Clarion files done in the same fashion as the Clipper 5.x files could be accomplished without major effort. However, there appears to be no interest given Clarion for DOS 2.1's basically moribund status.

Why isn't source to the trap file for Watcom C/C++ available in your source code release?

All trap file source information was received under nondisclosure agreement with Powersoft/Sybase. We never received have permission to redistribute this information. It's a big messy thing to generate and package anyway, with lots of dependencies on outside files, so we will probably never distribute it. We highly recommend checking out the Open Watcom website for those interested in more details on the trap files. This is a group working on an open source release of the Watcom C++ compiler including, at last news, CauseWay with trap file support.

What are the restrictions and licensing agreements necessary to use Devore Software & Consulting source code?

None. Zero. Zip. Nada. The source is released into public domain. It would be nice to give Michael Devore or Devore Software & Consulting credit if you reuse the code, but you need not feel guilty or morally deficient if you don't. Our legal representation also wants us to say, and so we do, that all use of the Devore Software & Consulting software and source code is at your own risk. Under no conditions will we be held liable for any damages arising out of use of, or inability to use, the software. And no, despite the curious beliefs of some (not all) Open Software advocates, releasing to public domain does not automatically make us more legally liable to users for any perceived problems nor does it somehow demonstrate us to be less moral, intelligent, or sophisticated than Open Source proponents. Public domain software is more free and less restrictive than Open Source software in all respects.

Can I contact Devore Software & Consulting with questions about the source code or for help using the software?

The source and software is released as-is, with no support. Questions, help requests, and discussion may be posted to the CauseWay/WarpLink forum. There is no guarantee of an accurate or inaccurate response or...any other guarantees or promises at all really...on the board.

Is Devore Software & Consulting an adherent to the Open Source movement?

We are a member of no religious movements, but strongly support freely available source both public domain and Open Source coexisting in peace with for-pay binary-only software. At various times in the past fifteen to twenty years Devore Software & Consulting has released source code to the public domain. This will likely continue. Please don't ask for a schedule.

Why is Devore Software & Consulting giving away all this perfectly good code?

We have moved on from the DOS environment, but we recognize that many people still develop and have a programming interest in 16-bit and 32-bit DOS. The best way we can support users of our previously commercial software, as well as others with an interest in what our software does, is to get it out in the public eye where everyone has a chance to use, study, and customize the source code, rather than depending on our, admittedly, shrinking interest in working on the source ourselves. Plus the source code, warts and all, still contains useful ideas and code routines or fragments for those who write assembly language code.

Good code? The source is lame/useless/disgusting/worthless trash.

Go kick big furry lumps in the woods during grizzly mating season, kid. If you don't like it, don't use it, remove it, move on with your life.

Does Devore Software & Consulting process new bug reports on the released software?

We no longer do this.

Is there any external documentation available for the software?

You can view an HTML version of the Watcom C/C++ manual online starting at A ZIP'ped Microsoft Word format documentation file for the WarpLink software is available on the WarpLink download page. For those wanting pre-packaged documentation on CauseWay, we also recommend checking out the Open Watcom website. This is a group working on an open source release of the Watcom C++ compiler including, at last news, documentation files on using CauseWay with the compilers.

Why would I want to buy CauseWay now that it's been released to public domain?

I can't think of a good reason myself.

We need custom work related to CauseWay or WarpLink and have small mounds of money ready to throw in your general direction. Will you help us out?

Money almost always gets our attention. Depending on what you need done, how soon, and how large the compensation, we may well be able to establish a productive work connection. Please feel free to e-mail any requests or proposals to

Do I have your permission to link to Devore Software & Consulting web page(s)?

Yes, please feel free. Deep links are fine but, as with all websites, are subject to change. Fortunately, changes probably won't happen to any of the CauseWay and WarpLink information web locations for a long long time.

Why are the Devore Software & Consulting web pages so ugly and dull?

We really have received questions like this, apparently from roving members of the web design police. While we enjoy eye candy and are guided by sophisticated interactions just as much as the next person -- and advanced web features certainly play a vital role in many millions of web pages the world over -- frames, Java, JavaScript, style sheets and their ilk would seem to add little viewer benefit to compensate for the increased bandwidth and programming effort here. We do reserve the right to add sophisticated interactions and eye candy (well, probably not much eye candy) to other parts of our website.

So if Michael Devore is synonymous with Devore Software & Consulting, then who is this "we" you keep referring to in the web pages? Perhaps you have sentient shoes?

Michael Devore is the owner and main principal of Devore Software & Consulting, but Devore Software & Consulting is a separate entity from Michael Devore. Devore Software & Consulting frequently uses part-time or hired help for its administrative needs. For its larger software projects it has contracted with other programmers and consultants to help complete the product. As a consequence, Devore Software & Consulting frequently represents more than one person and its body of work is the result of the efforts of over a dozen people. No resumes please, we do not hire contractors that way and we have no full-time employees. Haven't had any meaningful conversations with my shoes yet.

What sort of bicycle does Michael Devore ride?

I remain pleased with my Vision VR-40 USS SWB recumbent including sundry component upgrades, over seven years and 7700 miles and counting. I did get a trike in fall 2003, a Lepus by Hase Spezialräder. It is a delta trike rather than the tadpole originally planned.

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