Two files that are included on the CauseWay distribution disk, SHOWEVAR.ASM and SHOWEVAR.OBJ, demonstrate WARPWRAP's operations. SHOWEVAR.ASM is the source code to a small assembly language program that displays the current environment variables passed to it. SHOWEVAR.ASM was included for reference purposes to illustrate what the SHOWEVAR program does. It is not needed for testing WARPWRAP.

Link SHOWEVAR.OBJ to the executable file SHOWEVAR.EXE for use with WARPWRAP. You must relink SHOWEVAR.OBJ to try a new WARPWRAP setting because you cannot restore a WARPWRAP- modified EXE file to its former state.

Another file included on the CauseWay distribution disk, WARPWRAP.DEF, demonstrates many of the features one might find in a WARPWRAP script definition file. Since this is the default script definition file name, it can be used by WARPWRAP two ways. Use the following format on the command line:

WW <EXE program>

Within a program, use the following format to explicitly call WARPWRAP:

WW @WARPWRAP <EXE program>

<EXE program> is the name of the EXE file to modify.

Refer to the WARPWRAP.DEF file included with CauseWay for a few tips about using script definition files.

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