The quick help bar shows most of the available keypresses across the bottom of the screen. Use the cursor keys to move around the display and the 0 to 9 and A to F keys to change the hexadecimal register values.

The following chart shows the keypress and functions for the Register window.




Allows entry of an expression to set the register value.


Displays a list of symbols. Highlight the symbol you want to move the display to and press enter. Symbols are listed with names on the left and values on the right. The C or D displayed adjacent to the value indicates the address type is CODE or DATA. A speed search is available by typing the desired symbol text. Backspacing to eliminate mistyped characters is supported. Using this function on EIP sets CS and moves the CS:EIP window to the chosen address.


Show floating point registers in FPU if present.


Increments the current register value.


Decrements the current register value.


Exit to DOS.

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