/dm Use a monochrome monitor for output from CWD.

/eSYMBOL Run the program until SYMBOL is reached.


The quick help bar shows most of the available keypresses across the bottom of the screen. To move within the current view, use the cursor keys but remember that this doesn't alter the code in the CS:EIP window.

The current CS:EIP position is marked by a greater than (>) symbol as well as a green bar.

The current display position is marked by a blue bar.

Breakpoints are marked with an asterisk (*) symbol and a red bar with a countdown value in brackets to the right of the asterisk. Note that a countdown value of 0 means the breakpoint will trigger next time the code at the breakpoint address is executed. A value of 1 means the count will be decremented next time the breakpoint address is encountered but another pass will be needed to trigger a break.

Register values are highlighted when changed by the application or operator.

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