/M# Specify decompression techniques

M1 is the default setting if the parameter is not specified. Other acceptable values are 2 and 3. The higher numbers increase compression ratio relative to speed of compression. Occasionally compression results may be worse at higher settings due to the differences in compression techniques.

As CWC compresses the file, the percentage of file compressed is dynamically displayed. The total compression percentage is displayed at the end of CWCs operation.

Depending upon the speed of the machine running the CauseWay application, most CWC-compressed applications demonstrate no noticeable load time delay when run. Applications that consist mostly of executale code as those most affected by decompression times and may load slightly slower than normal. Applications operating on low-end machines will be most affected by decompression-related load delays. In the event that the additional load time delay becomes acceptable, do not use CWC to compress the file.

NOTE: Do not use a standard DOS EXE-format file compressor, / such as PKLITE or LZEXE, on CauseWay applications. It will either fail to compress the program or cause program failure if compression is completed.

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