LE23P.EXE is a utility which converts Watcom LE-format executable files to native CauseWay 3P format executable files. You may wish to convert your LE format executable to 3P format if you want to use the CWC.EXE file compressor. 3P format files are not compatible withWatcom’s support utilities such as WD, but otherwise operate identically to LE-format files. Because 3P files are incompatible with LE utility support, if you are using LE23P for compression, you may want to delay the conversion and compression until you have fully debugged your application using the Watcom debugger, WD.

LE23 is extremely simple to use. On the command line, simpy type LE23P followed by the name of the LE-format input file to convert. Optionally, you can follow it with the 3P-format output file name. If no output file name is provided, LE23P will convert the LE-format file to the 3P format with the same executable name, overwriting the original file.

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