Notes: The user termination routine is responsible for returning to the CauseWay termination routines to allow proper shutdown of the application. The instruction must be the proper 16- or 32-bit return to match the CL register setting. For ease of use with high-level languages (specifically Watcom C and setting SS back to DGROUP), [E]SI equals the internal DOS extender stack ESP immediately prior to the 32- or 16-bit call to the termination routine. If an information dump buffer address is provided, register and other termination values are placed into it using the following format:

dword  EBP;

dword  EDI;

dword  ESI;

dword  EDX;

dword  ECX;

dword  EBX;

dword  EAX;

word  GS;

word  FS;

word  ES;

word  DS;

dword  EIP;

word  CS;

word  reserved1;

dword  EFLAGS;

dword  ESP;

word  SS;

word  reserved2;

word  TR;

dword  CR0;

dword  CR1;

dword  CR2;

dword  CR3;

dword  csAddress;

dword  dsAddress;

dword  esAddress;

dword  fsAddress;

dword  gsAddress;

dword  ssAddress;

word  ExceptionNumber;

dword  ErrorCode;

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