UserDump Setup user-defined error buffer dump in CW.ERR

Inputs: AX = 0ff2fh

ES:[E]DI -> user buffer to display in CW.ERR

CX = count of bytes to display from buffer in CW.ERR

BL = 'A' if ASCII dump (non-binary display of bytes, control characters display as periods)

BH = nonzero if preset ASCII buffer to word value, ignored for non-ASCII

DX = word value to fill ASCII dump buffer if BH is nonzero, ignored for non-ASCII

Outputs: Carry set on ASCII dump invalid buffer address.

Errors: The user buffer must be a valid readable selector and offset value when this function is called or else the request is ignored and a carry flag condition is returned. If BH is set to nonzero to flag presetting the buffer bytes, the selector must be writable. Specifying a larger CX count than available buffer size will also return an error.

Notes: If the fill ASCII buffer condition is specified, any values previously in the buffer will be overwritten when this call is made.

UserErrTerm Call user error termination routine

Inputs: AX = 0ff31h

CL = 0 if 16-bit termination routine

CL = nonzero if 32-bit termination routine

DS:[E]SI = user termination routine address.

If DS is zero, the user termination routine call is removed.

ES:[E]DI = Information dump buffer address, 104 bytes. If ES is zero, no information dump is performed.

Outputs: None

Errors: None

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