CauseWay provides an API for C and assembly language programmers as an extension of the DPMI API via INT 31h. Including the file CW.INC allows easy access to this API through appropriately named functions. You may also call the CauseWay API directly with appropriate register setup.

CauseWay also provides all of the DPMI 0.9 API services on systems without a true DPMI server.

Some of the API services require pointers to a real mode register list. The format of this list follows:

dword EDI

dword ESI

dword EBP

dword Reserved

dword EBX

dword EDX

dword ECX

dword EAX

word  Flags

word  ES

word  DS

word  FS

word  GS

word  IP

word  CS

word  SP

word  SS

The values are passed to the target routine without any interpretation of their contents. There is no need to set the high words of the extended register entries unless the target routine requires them.

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