/il Display link process information; limit information displayed.

This option is very similar to the /i option except that it only displays the file being read by WL32 and the beginning of major link phases. The /i option display is more comprehensive than /il. The /il option makes the information display more manageable. Also, because limited information is displayed, linker execution speed is faster when using the /il option as compared with the /i option.

/lc:<name> Use link options configuration file name.

This /lc option supplies a configuration file name to WL32 for use with the command morphing feature. If no configuration file name is listed, no morphing occurs. The configuration file must be in the current directory or be listed in the option with the drive and directory in which the configuration file resides. Multiple configuration files are allowed. They are processed in the order in which they are encountered.

/ls Library search logic for symbol resolution.

This option forces WL32 to search libraries for symbol resolutions in the order in which they were specified, exhaustively returning to process the first library after a single pass on the subsequent library. The behavior is analogous to RTLink's SEARCH, required by some third party vendors for use with their libraries. Since the search logic employed when this option is set can increase link time by a significant amount, the option is recommended only if needed.

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