Chapter 5:   WL32 OPTIONS

WL32 options let you control how programs are linked and specify linker output while creating the programs. You can specify these linker options from the DOS command line, in a batch or make file, or in a response file. If you are using the optional morphing command feature described in the Configuration Files chapter, the options listed below may not appear the same as in your command line, response, batch, or make file. The formats listed in this chapter, however, are always valid.

All options are case insensitive, e.g. both /b and /B refer to the beep when link is complete option. Type WL32 without parameters at the DOS command line to display a summary of linker options.

/b Beep the speaker at linker completion.

This option causes WL32 to beep your speaker three times at the completion of the linking process by writing three Control-G characters to the standard output device.

/cs Perform Case Sensitive symbols link.

This option preserves case sensitivity when linking. If you need case sensitive symbols in your application, use the /cs option. This is generally only critical for nonassembly language programs and not always then.

/ds Set DS to SS at startup.

This option sets the DS segment register to the SS segment register value at application startup, rather than the application's PSP. The /ds option is required for proper Watcom C/C++ flat model operation.

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