Specify a string that instructs WL32 to begin parsing a list of object module files when in freeformat mode. The following is commonly used within the definitions file with freeformat link files:


Multiple OBJNAME morphing commands are supported by WL32.


Specify the default extension for a response or link file. This command allows emulation of linkers which automatically add the extension on a linker response file, for example .LNK. If an extension is explicitly passed to the linker, the morphing command extension will not be appended. A common use of this command would be:


If more than one RESPONSEEXT command is encountered, the last specified extension will be the one used by WL32.

Although the RESPONSEEXT command does allow adding a text suffix of up to four characters to response file names by not specifying a leading period in the RESPONSEEXT extension, the ability is of dubious value.


Specify one character to terminate linker processing. Typically Microsoft Link users specify a semicolon (;), as follows:


If more than one termination command line is listed, only the last one specified is used by WL32.

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