<file name>=LIBSEARCH

Specify a library file to be linked into a program whenever the configuration definitions file is used. The library file will be added to the library file list as soon as it is encountered in the configuration file. If the library file is not present in the current directory or cannot be found in a directory listed via the LIB environment variable, WL32 terminates with a file not found error.

This command is very similar to LIBNAME, but additionally it specifies library SEARCH logic (as with WL32 /ls option). It is useful for translating RTLink SEARCH commands without having to explicitly set the /ls option.


Specify any string of characters that should be ignored by the linker in the definitions file by using the NULL command. The asterisk (*) character at the end of <string> instructs the linker to ignore the entire response file or command line. For example:


means ignore /DOSSEG in the linker script file or command line. This command:


means ignore the entire line starting with MODULE. The ULE characters are optional. This command:


means ignore /op: in a linker script file or command line and all following characters up to the next option or command.

Multiple NULL morphing commands are supported by WL32.

NOTE: If you wish to ignore an option in a response file that is a substring of another option to be ignored, list the smaller option second in the configuration definitions file. Otherwise, the longer option may be encountered in a response file and have only a portion of its text ignored, leaving the remaining portion open to misinterpretation by WL32. For example, you may ignore both the /s and /sp options of WarpLink. If you list /s=NULL first in the configuration file before /sp=NULL and WL32 encounters /sp, it will remove the "/s" from processing, leaving a "p" behind. Depending upon where the /sp option was positioned in the link file, the "p" could be interpreted as an object or library file name.

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