NOTE: Other versions of CauseWay are available for applications not created using Watcom C++ or assembly language.


Copy the distribution disk files CWSTUB.EXE, CWDSTUB.EXE, and CWSYSTEM.LNK into the WATCOM\BINB directory for Watcom Version 10.0 and earlier. For Watcom version 10.5, 10.6, 11.0 and above, use the directory WATCOM\BINW instead and use it for installation instructions as described below.

Edit the file WLSYSTEM.LNK in the WATCOM\BINB, or WATCOM\BINW for Watcom versions 10.5 and above, directory, adding the statement:

@%watcom%\binb\cwsystem.lnk or @%watcom%\binw\cwsystem.lnk

to the end of the file. This command instructs the Watcom linker WLINK how to build a CauseWay program when CauseWay is specified as the target program.

Copy the distribution disk files CW.TRP and CWHELP.EXE into your WATCOM\BINB directory. These files enable you to debug CauseWay applications with Watcom's WD debugger. Copy CWHELP.CFG into the current work directory to modify debugger behavior with respect to the break key or timer reset.

Copy the distribution disk files DLLSTRTS.OBJ, DLLSTRTR.OBJ, DLLS105A.OBJ, and DLLR105A.OBJ into the WATCOM\LIB386\DOS directory. These files are used with CauseWay DOS DLLs.


CauseWay requires no special configurations, directories, or installation. Simply copy WL32.EXE along with other desired files from the system disk onto your selected hard drive directory or directories. Please remember to make a backup of your system disk to guard against losing your copy of CauseWay should something happen to the original disk.

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