All supported morphing commands and descriptions of their use follows:

//<any text>

The // command allows insertion of comments or temporary removal of a pre-existing command in the DEF file. All text on the line following // is ignored by WL32. The slashes must be placed at the beginning of a line.


Specify one character that WL32 recognizes as the beginning of a comment line in a linker response file. WL32 uses the pound sign (#) by default. This command allows changing comment recognition to another character. WL32 also recognizes // as a comment line in a linker response file.

If more than one comment line character is listed in a configuration file, only the last one specified is used.

<WL32 option>=DEFAULT

Specify a WL32 option that is set by default. For example, using:


in a configuration file will cause WL32 to always beep at the end of the link process, even if the response file does not contain the /b option. Multiple DEFAULT morphing commands are supported by WL32.


Specify a string that instructs WL32 to begin parsing the

executable file name when in free format mode. In most cases, use the following command line:


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