Devore, Michael

One of the CauseWay developers. Michael Devore wrote the WL32 protected mode linker, the CauseWay documentation, and the WARPWRAP utility.


DOS Protected Mode Interface is an API that defines a way for multiple protected mode applications to coexist peacefully in the same system. It is mainly used with DOS extenders and not enduser applications. DPMI is a more general API than the older Virtual Control Program Interface (VCPI) that it is replacing.


A software interrupt associated with an error condition detected by the CPU. Exceptions can either be an abort, a fault, or a trap. These three types are simply indications of the severity and recoverability of the error. Frequently, the term exception is used interchangeably with fault without taking notice of any distinction.


When the processor detects an error during the processing of a CPU instruction, a fault occurs. Some faults are recoverable and are handled by the DOS extender. Other faults however, are not recoverable and the DOS extender terminates the application that generated the fault. The most common fault is a General Protection Fault or GPF. Interrupt 13 is the interrupt associated with a GPF. GPFs are a catchall fault which are not covered by any other fault type. They are typically caused by writing to or reading from memory beyond the limit of a segment or loading a segment with an invalid selector value.

Freeformat (response file format)

An alternate response file (link file) format that WL32 can use if specified via the FREEFORMAT command in a configuration definitions file. Freeformat is the default response file format used by RTLink. In this format, text commands determine how a file name is interpreted, e.g. a map file.

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