Appendix C:   WL32 Segment Type Criteria

The following information describes how WL32 assigns attributes to program segments.

In protected mode, several attributes control the use of segments. The most important one depends upon whether the segment contains code, data, or stack. Unlike real mode, in protected mode a code segment must be execute-only or execute/read, and a data segment must be read-only or read/write. CauseWay creates code segments that are execute/read and data and stack segments which are read/write. (Future versions of CauseWay may include additional segment types.)

WL32 uses the following selection criteria to determine and flag to the DOS extender a segment type that is executable code, read/write data, or stack. Asterisk (*) stands for a wildcard character that replaces zero or more characters of any type.

Code Segment (all classes and names case sensitive) if:

segment class *CODE

segment class CO*, segment name CO*

segment class MISC, segment name MISC

segment class CLARION, segment name _CODE*

segment class CLARION, segment name _CLA_MAIN*

segment class CLARION, segment name *_BIN_SEG

Stack Segment if:

class *STACK, case sensitive

Data Segment if:

no match on Code or Stack segment types

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