the following headings:

handle base length


handle  Linear memory [de]allocation uses handles to control the blocks. This field is the block's handle.

base  Linear base address of the memory block.

length  Length of the block in bytes.

The linear memory list ends with a display of the total linear memory allocated to the program, the real (rounded to 4K pages) memory allocated in parentheses, and finally the total number of memory blocks. For example:

Total Linear memory: 000FEAC9 (001AA000) in 00000103 blocks

Entries in the selector list that have Y under "mem" should have a corresponding entry in the linear memory list.

Linear memory locks are listed after the linear memory block list and contain the following headings:

base length


base  Linear base of the locked region.

limit  Length of the locked region.

NOTE:These values are passed by the program but the actual values have the base rounded down a page and the length rounded up a page to match 4K boundary restrictions on locking. The values are reported in CW.ERR without using a rounded format to make it easier to cross reference this list to the other lists in CW.ERR.

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