141 - Segment size exceeds 64K: <segment name>

A 16-bit segment has become larger than 64K (65536 bytes) after combination of the same segment types. Either reduce the code or data associated with that segment, or make the segment 32-bit.

142 - Bad or invalid library (.LIB) file format in <file name>

This message indicates the library file listed has an unrecognizable format or is corrupted. WL32 supports the industry standard Microsoft .LIB format used by most languages. Proprietary formats incompatible with this library file standard will not work with WL32.

143 - 32-bit segment in DOS EXE file: <file name>

CauseWay supports 32-bit segments. Standard 16-bit DOS does not. This message indicates the application was linked using the /ex option and one of the segments in an object module was flagged as 32-bit. You must either create a DOS-extended EXE file by removing the /ex option or change the segment to 16-bit.

144 - Configuration file line length exceeds 125 characters in <file name>

Configuration files have no size limit. However the length of any particular line in the file cannot be larger than 125 characters. Reduce the size of the offending line.

145 - Invalid configuration file line: <line text>

This message indicates a configuration file was specified using the /lc option, but WL32 could not understand a command line with this file, shown as <line text>. Refer to the Configuration Files chapter for a list of valid commands.

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