136 - Bad object record type in <filename>, value <number>

WL32 did not recognize an object record type in the file <filename>. The value of the unrecognized object record is listed as <number>.

137 - Unsupported object record type in <file name>, value <number>

WL32 recognizes the object record type, but cannot process it. The most common reason for this situation is use of an obsolete record type that was created by a very old or nonstandard compiler or assembler. If possible, inhibit generation of the unsupported object record type or upgrade the module containing the obsolete record.

138 - Object record length too large in <file name>

To protect against internal buffer overflow, WL32 checks the size of object records. Since the 4K size threshold is well above the object record size generated by any compiler or assembler under normal conditions, this message typically occurs when attempting to link a corrupted or invalid object module.

139 - Release memory attempt failed.

This error should not occur in normal circumstances. It indicates WL32 failed to release previously allocated memory. Either there is an error in WL32 or the DOS extender, or some form of memory or DOS corruption has occurred. Reboot the machine and determine conditions which make the error recur.

140 - Poorly formed object record in <file name>, value <number>

WL32 recognized the object record type in the file specified by <file name>, but the internal structure of the object record deviated from expectations. Either an obsolete or brand new record type, or a corrupted object module is the likely cause. Report the value of <number> to technical support to help determine the nature of the problem.

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