Linker error messages are displayed by the WL32 linker when it encounters a serious problem while linking a CauseWay application that WL32 cannot recover from. Error messages are always immediately followed by WL32 terminating the link process without creating an executable file.

128 - Internal linker error occurred during linking process, value <number>

Either a badly corrupted object module has confused WL32 beyond its ability to recover or else you have discovered an error in the linker. In either case, please call technical support for help. Make a note of the <number> value to help technical support track down the error.

129 - MS-DOS or PC-DOS version must be 3.0 or above.

The machine running WL32 must use MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.0 or above, or compatible operating system. Either upgrade the machine's version of DOS or link the program on a different machine.

130 - Response file line length exceeds 253 characters in <file name>

Response files have no size limit, but lines within them do. This message indicates that a line in <file name> is larger than 253 characters. Either break up the line, using plus (+) signs for positional response file formats, or place the linker command in a subsequent line for freeformat response file formats.

131 - Invalid option: <option text>

An invalid option or option setting was passed to WL32 either at the DOS prompt or through a response, batch, or make file. Refer to the WL32 Options chapter for a complete description of all valid WL32 options and their values. This error most often occurs when a configuration definitions file morphed option does not match the option listed in a response file. See the Configuration Files chapter for more information on morphing options and commands.

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