Unresolved externally declared symbol: <symbol name> Declared in <filename>

This message appears when a required object module or library file was not specified on the linker command line, or when the name of a function or procedure has been misspelled or not made publicly accessible for another module's use. The linker cannot find a symbol needed by the program to resolve an external reference in a module.

An unresolved external warning may be ignored if the symbol is never used by the program.

Unresolved externals may also be present if you only link part of an application's code for testing. As long as the application does not use the unresolved routines or variables specified by the symbol, you may ignore the warning(s).

Unknown linker option or command ignored: <command or option text>

This message indicates the linker has encountered text which it cannot understand. Since the text is not preceded by a slash (/), the condition does not stop the link process; the linker will simply ignore the text and continue linking. This warning message will only be displayed if the /wu (warn on unknown options or commands) WL32 linker option is set.

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